Avoid using pirated copies of any kind, as you can not afford to engage in spiritual war with counterfeit weapons.

It is very disastrous. As from now on deliverance prayer requests from such people shall no longer be entertained. Obedience is better than sacrifice 1 Samuel Having considered the above, I have only included excerpts and how to pray the prayer and encourage you to purchase the book for yourself. But if you have any questions about the above statement, please refer to my comments below. This is nice! Can I get a copy of this in pdf format? My email is: billlovejr yahoo. I have seen one through google search posted on a certain website and having read about the warning I was scared to open it, please advise.

Please respond through my email address. Such prints are intended to cause people to be afraid of reproduction and it is not from God. Unfortunately some people do this out of ignorance but God knows who is ignorant and who is actually trying to put people in fear. Remember it is not because he used such words but your conscience or mind many hinder your prayer. Most importantly you cannot pray warfare prayers with fear.

So remove anything that will bring about fear. I use copyrighted materials that I print off the internet and God honors my prayer. How do I know? Basically those who do not know about the warning are better of that those who do because when the enemy knows you do, he may try to trick you while praying and use it as a devise.

So pray about it and be confident, let God speak to you. Know that God is with you! No comment but a quetion. If am not able to stand while praying for long because of sicknes in my legs and am able to pray while sitted is going to work for me.

Of course, you can take any position while praying. Thank you man of God for such books, i have been reading dangerous prayers part 5, its amazing, and i could see the result. Thank you in advance for your positive response. Skip to content. Resources and Human Factors 7 years ago. Encouraging words from Prophet TB Joshua 7 years ago. Love Triumphs 7 years ago. Infinite Possibilities 7 years ago.

Abide In The Vine 7 years ago. Love Conquers 7 years ago. Be Not Unbelieving!

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God is Awesome! Life of progress and unending prosperity 7 years ago. Seek ye first the kingdom of God 7 years ago. The anointing and grace for increase and expansion 7 years ago. Spread the love. TGFJ is a platform for Christian work, projects, and books: promoting insightful, powerful, and the supernatural move of God - educating online users of spiritual truths based on biblical principles and divine revelations.There are different forms of Christian prayer, but whether you have a set prayer time or seek to communicate with God throughout the day or some combination of bothhere are 8 Christian prayers that are extremely dangerous to pray.

It just means that when we pray them, we should watch out! After you pray this Christian prayer for humility, be ready for people to badmouth you, slander you, and drag your name through the mud. The only way to learn humility is to be placed in humbling situations, so if you pray for humility, be ready!

If you pray for patience, get ready to be surrounded by the most annoying people you have ever met.

What are the 3 most dangerous prayers you can offer?

Get ready for your car to break down when you are late for an appointment. Get ready your children to go bonkers. Get ready for prayers to not get answered. Get ready for setbacks, roadblocks, and pitfalls. Just like with all the other Christian prayers on this list, God teaches us patience by taking us through trying times.

Usually when we pray this Christian prayer, we think that God is going to send us into high profile ministry positions, places of honor and glory, and opportunities to be heard.

Prayer Categories

While I do not deny that God sometimes leads people in these directions, I think that more often than not, God wants to lead us downward, but we refuse to go. Of course, this does not mean that we will stay in the gutter if God leads us there.

God may very well lift us up out of the gutter to a place of prominence, but when He does so, He gets the glory instead of us. Also and this fits with 1 abovewhen we pray this prayer, we will often be faced with a choice between two ministry positions, one that leads to honor, glory, and fame, and one that leads to obscurity and insignificance. Though the temptation is to choose glory and honor, such decisions may actually be a choice to follow Jesus downward into humility.

I once heard Francis Schaeffer say in an interview that if given the choice between two ministry positions, we should choose the one with less fame and glory. This Christian prayer is like asking God to make you poor. How can you understand the plight of the poor unless you become poor yourself?! So do you like your nice house, your two cars, your steak dinners, and your Caribbean vacations?

In one way or another, this has been a constant life prayer of mine. A couple years back, I realized that this prayer ruined my life.

I had my life all figure out, and it was all going according to my perfect plan. Then I started praying this prayer.We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to pray dangerously this year. Any encounter with a holy God can be dangerous — not in a life-threatening way, but in a way that can be life-altering and soul-shaping. All too often we pray safe prayers: God, bless me; God, help me; God, protect me; God, heal me; God, provide for me.

We trust God will meet you in a dangerous and life-transforming manner. We pray that you will not the same and that your family, neighborhood, workplace and church will be impacted because you personally have met with God. We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to join us this January in 21 Days of Prayer.

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Tools have been created to help you engage your church before, during and after this prayer journey. Sermon series notes and teaching text. Share your 21 Days of Prayer story. Let us know you're committing to the Converge 21 Days of Prayer so we can be praying for you. Our partnership with Converge has been a huge blessing as pastors network together, share best practices and support one another through prayer and encouragement.

dangerous prayers

Meeting with God in a dangerous and life-transforming manner Can prayer be dangerous? Is prayer supposed to be dangerous?

Killing Your Inner Coward - Warrior

Commit to pray Let us know you're committing to the Converge 21 Days of Prayer so we can be praying for you. View districts. I'm not located in the U. Welcome back! Incorrect login information. Sorry, there's no account connected with this email.

Dangerous Prayers

Try again or donate now to create an account. Username must be an email address associated with an account. Forgot password. Converge John His greatest design is to destroy the image of God in man. He will use any method.

dangerous prayers

Many, through carelessness break the protective hedge God has placed around their lives and property. Thus they allow the enemy to destroy it. The good news is that what is killed, stolen or destroyed by the enemy can be restored by God.

dangerous prayers

God has promised in Joel to restore unto us our lost and wasted years. Everything lost to the devil will be restored by God. Job lost all but in the end everything was restored to him even in multiple-fold.

As you pray these prayer points, power for restoration will be released into your life. Joel And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.

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I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the Shittah tree, and the myrtle, and the oil tree; I will set in the desert the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree together: That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it.

Now PRAY like these:. Like Like.

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I declare by the power in the name of Jesus, every satanic embargo placed on your hear in the dream of the night, catch fire now, in the name of Jesus. I send Heavenly Surgeons to perform spiritual surgical operation on your hearing tonight. Taking away all that the enemies planted there.Prayers change things. Christians are the prime targets of the devil, the common enemy of mankind. Christians often experience strange attacks, both physical and spiritual, day and night.

Like Like. My names are promise chinazam from Rivers state Nigeria I want to appreciate God Almighty for a prevail age to meet with u and believe with God we shall all grow higher in Jesus name. I prayed the 3 dayz prayer without doubt and faithfully believed that God Will answer my prayers. Prayer I believe is the master key likewise Our Lord Jesus started with prayer and he ended with prayer. Base on that prayer is the secret bed rock of any genie Christian. Please pray for a financial breakthrough for me.

To enable me to be debt free, pay my debts and relocate into my new home, to assist my son with his legal fees and to have the finance to help others less fortunate. I would like for you to help me pray for financial breakthrough as I am struggling to maintain my self n my kids.

Pray that, Psalm ; Psalm be manifested against those involve in Jesus name Amen.

Dangerous Prayers Part 1

Please pray for me. I am a 70 year old woman that has lived with extreme insomnia my entire adult life. My medication was recently changed, and I have been without sleep for at least four nights. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, as well. I had run out of my former medication, and could not get into the doctor to get a new prescription. When I finally saw her, she said that I would have to take something else, as Medicare would no longer authorize it.

I'm getting extremely depressed, and exhausted. I read my Bible daily, and other scripture verses, as well as pray. I live alone, and am afraid of what tonight will bring. Thank you. I have recently started a website, the information you offer on this web site has helped me tremendously. Please pray for e i need a good job so I can keep my home and for my son and daughter who is addicted to drugs and alcohol for years which has torn this family apart.

I have recieved physical attack. I spend money using medecin products without finding a solution. I am very affected by that deases and so weak. Pls pray for me, that God will heal me of chronic gastritis, high sugar in the bloodgoitre and infertility.

I also need prayer for upliftement and breakthrough in all area of my life and that God should connect me divinely with my bone of bone Husband. Please pray for me for God to favour me with a house of my own.

I am living with people who hate me with a passion. It does not matter what I do or don't do, they still hate me and they insult me, isolate me, ridicule me and unite against me. Every evil power fighting your destiny is destroyed by the power in the Blood of Jesus. Your victory is established now, in the name of Jesus. Who can question or battle the God of justice and the power that be? Only time will tell over two thousand years ago who believed JesusChrist when he was shouting about the same human beings of today who also claimed to know God more than JesusChrist?

If truly you will try the following prayers just for 7days to confirm what I speak or call me to make things clear to you We are still in the prayer season join us and never delayt 1 pray for the forgiveness of sins in your life and ask GOD for his mercies to come upon your life and thank him for the kingdom of God that has come.

Pray and tell the mantle of GOD to strike every witches and wizards to upon your life upon your business upon your expectations,that the mantle should strike them to death and put them on chain for you to prosper.The Dangerous Prayers series is all about helping move people to pray the prayers that will move the heart of God.

Over three weeks, Pastor Craig will explain why some prayers are ineffective, what it really means to trust God with what we ask for, and how to pray for the miracles that require a God-sized faith. Find more messages by Pastor Craig Groeschel here. Open Network is a free library of church resources from Life.

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Worship Discover original Life. Church Worship music and connect with our team. Break Me Dangerous Prayers. What sticks out to you? Key Scriptures While [Jesus] was in Bethany, reclining at the table in the home of Simon the Leper, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. Her gift represented her future. Find a conversation starter for your group. Start thinking. Ask questions to get your group thinking.

What point do you think Mark was trying to make by putting the story of the woman and the Passover next to each other? How would you respond? Read Luke Start sharing.

dangerous prayers

Choose questions that create openness. Have you ever experienced the type of brokenness Pastor Craig talked about? Are you trying to stay strong in an area of weakness or hold on to something you need to pour out? Describe what a broken and poured out life could look like.

How has God has used broken areas from your past to help others? Start praying.

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