This sample procedure covers AC electromagnetic yoke method. This procedure is a draft magnetic particle testing procedure and you need to modify it to meet your project specification. The particles gather at areas of magnetic flux leakage and form indications characteristic of the type of discontinuity detected. These include but are not limited to, slag, spatter, oil, scale, rough surface and protective coatings.

For dry powders, test surface be clean and dry. Care shall be taken to avoid possible contamination. Settlement time shall be 30 minutes and settlement volume for the solids shall be as below. Any increase in this value to suit clients specific requirements shall be detailed on the technique sheet.

The bulb shall be allowed to warm up for at least 5 minutes before use. Any increase in these values shall be specified in the technique sheet. This will give its strongest indications when placed across the flux direction. Excess power may be GENTLY blown across the surface to aid interpretation and increase exposure of magnetic particles to any flux leakage present.

All indications need not be relevant. Relevant indications are those caused by leakage flux. Relevant indications due to unacceptable mechanical discontinuities are to be noted, located and sized.

A rounded indication is shape with a length equal to or less than three times its width. The acceptance criteria given hereunder for relevant indications for various codes shall be used in general. All indications are not necessarily defects since certain metallurgical discontinuities and magnetic permeability variations may also produce similar indications which are not relevant to the detection of unacceptable discontinuities. Surface conditioning may precede the re-examination.

Non relevant indications which would mask indications of defects are unacceptable. Linear indications are those indications in which the length is more than three times the width. Rounded indications are indications which are circular or elliptical with the length less than three times the width.

The following relevant indications are unacceptable:. VIII Div. Indications will be revealed by retention of magnetic particles. All such indications are not necessarily imperfections, however, since excessive surface roughness, magnetic permeability variations such as at the edge of Heat Affected Zonesetc. An indication is the evidence of a mechanical imperfection. All surfaces to be examined shall be free of:.

asme sec v article 5 pdf

Indications revealed by Magnetic Particle Testing shall be evaluated as per applicable categories as follows:.This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: Pages: 1. Preview Full text. This document provides details to be considered in the procedures used.

When this Article is specified by a referencing Code Section, the magnetic particle method described in this Article shall be used together with Article 1, General Requirements. The magnetic particle examination method may be applied to detect cracks and other discontinuities on or near the surfaces of ferromagnetic materials. The sensitivity is greatest for surface discontinuities and diminishes rapidly with increasing depth of subsurface discontinuities below the surface.

Typical types of discontinuities that can be detected by this method are cracks, laps, seams, cold shuts, and laminations. The particles will form patterns on the surface where cracks and other discontinuities cause distortions in the normal magnetic field.

These patterns are usually characteristic of the type of discontinuity that is detected. Whichever technique is used to produce the magnetic flux in the part, maximum sensitivity will be to linear discontinuities oriented perpendicular to the lines of flux. For optimum effectiveness in detecting all types of discontinuities, each area is to be examined at least twice, with the lines of flux during one examination approximately perpendicular to the lines of flux during the other.

Written Procedure Requirements Requirements. Magnetic particle examination shall be performed in accordance with a written procedure, which shall, as a minimum, contain the requirements listed in Table T The written procedure shall establish a single value, or range of values, for each requirement.

Procedure Qualification. When procedure qualification is specified, a change of a requirement in Table T identified as an essential variable from the specified value, or range of values, shall require requalification of the written procedure. A change of a requirement identified as a nonessential variable from the specified value, or range of values, does not require requalification of the written procedure.

All changes of essential or nonessential variables from the value, or range of values, specified by the written procedure shall require revision of, or an addendum to, the written procedure. Asme V Article 6 - Pt October Asme Section V Article 1 November Magnetic Particle Inspection April Fundamentals Of Physical Geology November Definitions of terms used in this Article are contained in Mandatory Appendix of this article. Basic Requirements The requirements of this article shall be used together with Article ', eneral equirements.

Written Procedure Requirements Requirements. The written procedure shall establish a single value, or range of values, for each requirement.

Procedure Qualification. A change of a requirement identified as a nonessential variable from the specified value, or range of values, does not require requalification of the written procedure. All changes of essential or nonessential variables from the value, or range of values, specified by the written procedure shall require revision of, or an addendum to, the written procedure. Equi ment! The instrument shall be capable of operation at frequencies over the range of at least ' M.

The re0ect control shall be in the 1off2 position for all examinations unless it can be demonstrated that it does not affect the linearity of the examination. Search Units The nominal frequency shall be from ' M. The couplant, including additives, shall not be detrimental to the material being examined. The finish on the scanning surface of the block shall be representative of the scanning surface finish on the material to be examined.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. ASME V Article 5 Ultrasonic Examination Methods for Materials This Article provides or references requirements, which are to be used in selecting and developing ultrasonic examination procedures for parts, components, materials, and all thickness determinations. Siggy Lai. Jayaneela Prawin. Tonyo Ayshiyu. Constantine Polyakov. Junior CH. Ibrahim Eldesoky. Behrouz Naeimi. Mung Duong Xuan.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Surya Dasari. Scope 2. Referenced Documents 1. Combining values from the two systems may result in nonconformance with the specification.

Ordering Information and SI units. However, unless the order specifies the 3. This standard does not accordance with 7. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health 3. Personnel Requirements thereof in accordance with Apparatus 4. Preparation of Forging for Ultrasonic shall be used for this examination. The system shall Examination have a minimum capability for examining at frequencies from 1 to 5 MHz.

On examining austenitic stainless 6.

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Faces of disk and rectangular forgings shall be height sweep line to top of screen. Instrument linearity shall be verified in 6. Any set of blocks processed in accordance with on the forging drawing or stated in the order or the Recommended Practices E or E may be used contract. Procedure 4.

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Be- shall be used for straight beam scanning see 7. If the configuration of the forging required and pinpointing indications. Couplants may not mechanical properties. In such cases, reexamine the be comparable to one another and the same couplant forging ultrasonically as completely as possible after shall be used for calibration and examination. Adjust the instrument controls to obtain the re- two perpendicular directions.

Utilize the attenuator in 7. In those cases, remove the circumference, whenever practicable. When practica- adjust the amplitude of indication from the reference block or blocks ble, also examine the forging in the axial direction.T Scope.

Figure T Location Marker Sketches. Tables T Figures I Beam Width Determination. Cylindrical Component. T SCOPE tional conditioning, if necessary, by any suitable process to such a degree that the resulting radiographic image The radiographic method described in this Article due to any surface irregularities cannot mask or be for examination of materials including castings and confused with the image of any discontinuity.

Definitions of terms used in this Article T The weld ripples or weld surface are in Mandatory Appendix V of this Article. These additional requirements shall confused with the image of any discontinuity. Each 2 in. In addition, the Manufacturers symbol or name and the date of the radiograph shall be plainly T Demonstration and permanently included on the radiograph. This identi- of the density and IQI image requirements of the written fication system does not necessarily require that the procedure on production or technique radiographs shall information appear as radiographic images.

In any case, be considered satisfactory evidence of compliance with this information shall not obscure the area of interest. Surfaces shall satisfy the requirements of the applicable materials Either a densitometer or step wedge comparison film specification or referencing Code Section, with addi- shall be used for judging film density. The extent of radiographic examination shall be as T IQIs shall be either specified by the referencing Code Section.

Hole-type IQIs shall be manufactured and identified in accordance with the requirements or alternates allowed in SE Radiographs shall be made using shall consist of those in Table T A02 T Standard Guide for Controlling T IQIs designed and the Quality of Industrial Radiographic Film Processing, manufactured in accordance with other national or SE, or paragraphs 23 through 26 of Standard Guide international standards may be used provided the re- for Radiographic Examination SE shall be used as quirements of either a or b below, and the material a guide for processing film.

The alternative wire IQI essential radiographic examination in accordance with this Ar- wire diameter is equal to or less than the required ticle. Wire Wire Wire Wire Diameter, in. For Iridium, the source size may be determined in accordance with SE, 0. Densitometers shall be cali- Wire brated at least every 90 days during use as follows: Diameter, Wire Wire Wire in. The step 0. Viewing facilities shall provide subdued background d The densitometer is acceptable if the density lighting of an intensity that will not cause troublesome readings do not vary by more than 0.

Equip- from the actual density stated on the national standard ment used to view radiographs for interpretation shall step tablet or step wedge calibration film. Step wedge specified density range. The viewing conditions shall comparison films shall be verified prior to first use, be such that light from around the outer edge of the unless performed by the manufacturer, as follows: radiograph or coming through low-density portions of a The density of the steps on a step wedge compari- the radiograph does not interfere with interpretation.

T Source Size T The equipment a Densitometers. Periodic cablibration verification manufacturers or suppliers publications, such as techni- checks shall be performed as described in T The densitometer is acceptable if the density.Digital products are restricted to one per purchase. Become a member. More thancopies of the BPVC are in use in countries around the world.

This Section contains requirements and methods for nondestructive examination which are referenced and required by other BPVC Sections.

It also includes manufacturer's examination responsibilities, duties of authorized inspectors and requirements for qualification of personnel, inspection and examination.

Examination methods are intended to detect surface and internal discontinuities in materials, welds, and fabricated parts and components.

A glossary of related terms is included. Careful application of this Section will help users to comply with applicable regulations within their jurisdictions, while achieving the operational, cost and safety benefits to be gained from the many industry best-practices detailed within these volumes. Intended for manufacturers, users, constructors, designers and others concerned with the design, fabrication, assembly, erection, examination, inspection and testing of pressure vessels, plus all potential governing entities.

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asme sec v article 5 pdf

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asme sec v article 5 pdf

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